Nine Dimensions for Excellence in People Analytics

9D-EiPA Full Model (White Background).png

This model focuses on helping you and your Human Resources colleagues understand the dimensions that are most important for creating more impact and value from your people analytics work.

This model allows clients to recognize both areas of success and improvement in all areas of people analytics and build a strategic roadmap for success.


A strong foundation

People analytics needs a strong foundation in order to be impactful.

  • Strong governance

  • Robust standards and methodologies

  • Supportive stakeholders


The right resources

The right resources need to be in place in order for people analytics to deliver outcomes.

  • Balanced and skilled team

  • Effective technology

  • High quality data


The creation of value

Impactful people analytics creates value at numerous levels.

  • Workforce experiences for employees and managers

  • Business outcomes for executives

  • Culture of analytics in HR