People Analytics Consultant

London, UK

You Love Being Impactful

In this role you develop training and development assets for human resources professionals. Using a contemporary SaaS platform and working with global people analytics experts, you will be responsible for developing training material, people analytics assets and marketing material for human resources professionals, leaders and our clients. Your scope will be global and you will have a direct impact on the future of the profession, our clients and Insight222 Limited.

You Enjoy Taking Responsibility

You will be responsible for product management of Insight222 and work alongside the Operations Director to bring to life the content required for the next generation of people analytics practitioners and human resources professionals. You will use direct marketing techniques and work with a recognized expert in social marketing to impact the growth of the curriculum. In addition you will recognise when and what new products and assets are needed and bring those from idea to conception to growth.

You Are Successful

You will have a direct impact on the top line of Insight222 and will be excited to see your results drive financial success. You have a fine eye for detail and you are flexible to change the course of direction. Above all, you get excited by the opportunity that people analytics brings and you want to make a difference to the HR profession. You are energetic, resourceful and conscientious. You are curious and you want to work with an entrepreneurial team. As a graduate, you will have experience in a large corporate business or consultancy and are now looking to work in an agile environment with lots of space to grow.

Where You Work

You will be based in our flexible office environment at WeWork, Bishopsgate in London. You must have the required work permit already to work in United Kingdom. At times, you will be required to travel overseas and will be needed to manage a schedule where you will work with experts in numerous countries both virtually and, at times, in person.

What The Future Holds

At Insight222 we are all passionate about human resources, digital HR and the Future of Work. Our team is small and moving at a fast pace. We have clients in many countries already. In one year from now – or even in three months -- you will probably be doing something completely different and you need to be comfortable with that. Agility is key. Agility with a smile is even better.