Our Team

E-mail any of our team to learn more about The People Analytics Program, myHRfuture.com and the work we do at Insight222.



Jonathan Ferrar

Co-Founder & CEO, Europe

Jonathan is a globally respected speaker, author and business adviser in HR strategy, workforce analytics, and the future of work with executive experience in Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and IBM. He is a co-author of The Power of People, and Board Member of the CIPD. You can contact Jonathan at jonathan.ferrar@insight222.com.


Al Adamsen

Co-Founder & CEO, North America

Al is a globally known adviser, educator and thought leader in the areas of talent strategy, workforce planning and analytics, talent measurement, and organizational change. He has held leadership roles at Ernst & Young, Gap Inc., Infohrm, and Kenexa (now IBM). You can contact Al at al.adamsen@insight222.com.

Anastasia Ktena_2019.jpg

Anastasia Ktena

Program Manager, Europe

Anastasia has experience in people analytics, customer experience and communications. She has project, customer and product management experience in people analytics having worked at Talent Neuron (now Gartner). She is multilingual in French, Greek and English. You can contact Anastasia at anastasia.ktena@insight222.com.

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David Bebb

Meetings & Events Director, Europe

David’s passion is event planning and making a lasting impression with clients. He has joined Insight222, initially in Europe, to bring “something different” to our client experience. He will spearhead our Global Executive Retreat as well as European client events in 2019. You can contact David at david.bebb@insight222.com.


David Green

Marketing & Development Director, Europe

David is a globally respected writer, speaker, conference chair, and executive consultant on people analytics, data-driven HR and the future of work. He has worked for a number of businesses, most recently as the Global Director for People Analytics and Watson Talent at IBM. You can contact David at david.green@insight222.com.


Dirk Petersen

Sales & Service Director, North America

Dirk has held leadership positions in operations and HR in both the private and public sectors in Europe and the USA. With degrees from Harvard Business School and Wharton, Dirk’s expertise spans workforce analytics, performance management, and workforce planning. You can contact Dirk at dirk.petersen@insight222.com.

Ian Bailie_2019.jpg

Ian Bailie

Managing Director, myHRfuture.com

Ian is a results-oriented HR leader with 16+ years' experience in people analytics, talent management, and workforce planning. Ian specializes in People Analytics and the digitization of HR. In Insight222 he focuses on Academy training via myHRfuture.com. You can contact Ian at ian.bailie@insight222.com.

Manpreet Randhawa_2019.jpg

Manpreet Randhawa

Head of Digital Content, myHRfuture

Manpreet joins our team in January 2019. Her eight years in Cisco in advisory, customer and project roles together with her experience in digital marketing will enable her to help HR professionals around the world with our myHRfuture.com platform. You will be able to contact Manpreet at manpreet.randhawa@insight222.com from 21 January 2019 onwards.


Stacey Smith

Services & Sales Director, Europe

Stacey has a deep background in sales and customer success most notably with CEB (now Gartner). In addition to core sales and marketing experience, Stacey also has expertise in commercial strategy, sales effectiveness, training and development and change management. You can contact Stacey at stacey.smith@insight222.com.

Volker Jacobs CEO TI People 1(1).jpg

Volker Jacobs

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Europe

Volker is an entrepreneurial leader having started and sold an online benchmarking and a HR consulting business. He also enjoyed senior leadership positions at CEB (now Gartner) with extensive experience working with CHROs. He now specialises in the digitalisation of HR and CxHR. You can contact Volker at volker.jacobs@insight222.com.