Acceptable Use Policy

1. About This Policy

ThisAcceptable Use Policy (“Use Policy”) is the Acceptable Use Policy referred to in the Insight222 Terms of Business and the myHRfuture Platform OrderForm.  This Use Policy applies to Insight222 Community and Learning Platforms, including myHRfuture and the People Analytics Membership Portal (“Platforms”).

Insight222 may terminate a user’s access to the Platforms if the user fails to observe the terms of this Use Policy.

Insight222 may remove content that does not comply with the terms of this Use Policy.

2. Purpose

This Use Policy outlines how the Platforms should be used and defines the mutual responsibilities that exist when using the Platforms.  All users should be aware of the rules relating to acceptable and unacceptable use and take steps to ensure inappropriate content is not put on the Platforms.

3. Compliance With Laws

Users must ensure that their use of the Platforms is in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country from which they are accessing the Platforms.

4. Abuse of Technology

Users must not allow other people to access the Platforms using their credentials and must not share their credentials with any other people. Use of the Platforms must not be excessive in comparison to the usage of an average Customer that makes use of the Platforms, and must not cause significant congestion or disruption, or otherwise avoid controls implemented into the Platforms that would adversely affect communication networks or others’ use of the platform. Users must not use the Platforms to send unsolicited bulk e-mail, “junk mail”, “spam” or chain letters, use automated scripts to collect information from or other wise interact with the Platforms, or use the Platforms to send or store material containing malicious code.

5. Respect for Other Users

Users must show respect for other users of the Platforms, Insight222 employees and subject matter experts, and the industry specialists who present online courses. The posting of content that harasses, bullies, is hateful or may be defamatory of other users, industry specialists or third parties is prohibited.

6. Sharing Content

Content, such as ideas, questions, or experiences, may be shared on the Platforms.  If such content is placed on the Platforms, the user acknowledges that the content will be accessed and read by other users of that Platform, Insight222 employees and subject matter experts, and the industry specialists who present online courses.

Users must not post content that is confidential in nature or that discloses personal data.

Users must not post content that is illegal, fraudulent, falsified, defamatory, libelous, that is offensive or likely to cause offence, such as obscene or abusive content, or that causes damage or injury.

7. Intellectual Property

Users must respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and may not post material that infringes another’s intellectual property rights.

8. Cooperation

Users agree to cooperate with Insight222 and any investigation necessary if there is any claim or concern about misuse of the Platforms.

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