our mission

Our mission is to make organisations better by putting people analytics at the centre of business and upskilling the HR profession. Over the last five years we have rapidly become one of the leading voices and authorities on the topic of people analytics and data-driven culture.

Insight222’s purpose is to improve the world of work by transforming HR to be become more data-driven.

Insight222® is a specialist global professional services firm. We provide consulting, learning, and networking solutions to help HR leaders and their teams deliver business value - by helping them create a data-driven and digital HR culture. We interact directly with Chief Human Resources Officers and their key staff in Analytics, Strategy, Workforce Planning, L&D and Digital HR. 

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies based in North America and Europe. They represent some of the world’s leading brands. Collectively, our clients’ work impacts millions of employees across the world and delivers several hundred million dollars in value back to their organisations, through effective people analytics.


We’re extremely proud of the calibre and expertise of employees at Insight222® with our Directors being widely recognised as some of the world’s most influential people in Human Resources, HR Technology, People Analytics and Digital HR.


Our Values are foundational to how we make decisions, work, and behave. They are the cultural cornerstones that guide all of our actions. These core values should never be compromised for short-term gain, and we invest in them now—we don’t just aspire to embody them one day. 

Collectively, our values are part of what makes us special. They are foundational to a cohesive, healthy, and thriving culture, and to our winning business.


Embrace a communication style that is grounded in direct candour but is also respectful, to support individual growth
Get to know your colleagues on a personal level to understand their motivational drivers and preferred ways of communicating
Welcome open and empathetic feedback, aimed at benefiting you personally and Insight222
Be humble, consider your own development areas and knowledge gaps
Question with curiosity rather than emotion; If you find yourself reacting to a request, take a moment to ask a clarifying question


Seek feedback to increase your self-awareness and strive to understand the impact you have on others
Take ownership of the impact your behaviour and actions have on those around you, the projects you’re working on and the overall business
Be open to discuss failures, learn from your mistakes and think of ways to improve in the future
Be confident in leading projects and taking ownership of your decisions
Ensure that the decisions you take are always in the best interest of Insight222, and be able to justify them

one firm

Consider interdependencies between your work and that of others to mitigate risks and reduce the likelihood of unforeseen negative impact
Be curious about each others work and consider how collective strengths and capabilities can support Insight222
Help each other & recognise when people need your support, even if that’s outside your job description
Embrace the differences that make us unique and leverage those to deliver better outcomes
Take time to recognise and celebrate company and individual wins


Consider the skills you want or need to develop your expertise and discuss with your manager how you can best build those
Dedicate time in the week to focus on the most important activities, ensuring you have a balanced number of meetings on a daily basis
Make space for learning in the work week
Socialise & seek feedback on your ideas to ensure you capture different perspectives and make informed decisions
Openly discuss your learning activities with the team to enable others to follow your example
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