The People Analytics Program

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Global Executive Retreat

The Global Executive Retreat is for senior people analytics leaders to discuss, learn, and reflect on significant aspects in the world of people analytics and HR strategy and their impact on business value. It will focus on a few key themes relevant to the world of business, human resources and people analytics.

The Global Executive Retreat is structured in think tank style sessions led by preeminent leaders and management thinkers. Each session will be a mix of formal presentations, individual reflections, discussion, and group work.


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4x4x4 Webinars

You and your entire analytics team will learn dynamically throughout the year from regular client confidential webinars and white papers that will bring the most important topics of the moment in bite-sized chunks. We focus on the topics that you tell us are the most important then create an education-based format to bring you bite-sized chunks of learning.

As part of a 12 month membership, the client can attend all webinars that are held and may nominate up to five people from their organization to attend each webinar.

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Peer Group Meetings

Our Peer Group Meetings allow our members to learn, develop, and grow in the field of people analytics by interacting with peers regularly. Delivered quarterly, our in-person meetings provide a confidential and reflective environment to learn and network. We enable members to discuss trends and insights during which participants link the research findings to their daily analytics work and experience. Our belief is that less is more, so we focus our energy on delivering a small number of topics in great depth at each meeting.

As part of a 12 month membership, the client can attend two meetings each for two nominated people at any of the meetings.


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Each year, we work with our clients to deliver co-developed diagnostic tools on some of the most complex or difficult topics in people analytics. Clients of our program will be encouraged to share their experiences in analytics to co-create these diagnostic tools. For each tool, Insight222 will ask clients if they wish to be involved in the co-creation using design thinking methodology.

Irrespective of whether a client is involved in the co-creation, clients will have access to these tools during and after their program membership. Involvement is voluntary and manageable, using agile methodologies via a mix of virtual, in-person, and sprint work events.


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Advisory Support

Clients of our People Analytics Program will have access to our leaders as a sounding board, or more formally to help with projects or advice specific to your organization’s challenges and needs. The support can be delivered simply as an email or telephone conversation or as a series of interventions if it is a more complicated topic.

Examples of advisory support include virtual analytics project team training, second opinion for critical project decisions, functional coaching call for project manager, vendor analysis, and developing steering committee presentations.

Access is provided within the membership to all of the experts in Insight222's employment or service. Whilst ad-hoc advice and discussion is encouraged for all members, we include one day of consulting advice in the membership. Additional advisory services can be procured for longer periods.

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Excellence in People Analytics

Regardless of whether you are one of the foremost leaders in the field or are just starting out, our Nine Dimensions for Excellence in People Analytics model will help define a path to increased value. This model, built from qualitative research in over 60 organizations, helps organizations understand what is working well, what gaps exist, and what can be done to create more impact from people analytics.

This model is delivered to all of our members via an engagement that takes approximately 90 days end-to-end. The engagement consists of a survey, report, and workshop. Insight222 recommends that people analytics teams run this engagement annually to compare progress year on year. This can be delivered at any time during one's first year of joining the program, and will involve the organization's HR leadership team in a workshop to discuss and define their journey.


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